I got my period just before Christmas so I saw out the year with an orgy of fizz and (hopefully) soon to be banned foodstuffs.

Not being confident in my charting abilities we decided to try having sex every day this month. The first day was hysterical. I was so certain that I wouldn't conceive in December that I felt like this was the first cycle we were trying. It all seemed a bit real and promptly amusing.

It's now been three days. We only shag like this on holiday. I was quite impressed that we managed it last night given that it was 3am and we were both pretty wasted. I was shattered and going by the photos, I was not looking pretty. Kudos to my husband.

The thing is, when we're on holiday that's what it's about. We take a siesta. Holidays are about relaxing, eating and shagging for us whereas now we're adding it to our busy lives. I mean, we had a reasonable amount of sex before. Or at least we were both happy with 2-3 times a week. We have similar sex drives so that equated to what we each wanted.

Sex every day on holiday is fantastic because there's plenty of time and energy whereas yesterday it was a motorway trip up North to see my family, a bar for cocktails then back for dinner, drinks and board games into the early hours. Fantastic fun but we'd never normally have sex that night.

Having dressed up I was wearing stockings so as my husband brushed his teeth I took off my dress and stopped there. I had zero desire for sex but I think I'm ovulating on the 5th meaning the conception window was now clearly open.

It was nice. But I think this could be a bit of a challenge. My husband simply smiles and say I just need to seduce him but usually that's driven by being horny. 


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